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NCCAA maintains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to help keep CAAs informed about certification issues and responses to questions when the information will be of interest to practitioners throughout the United States. Specific questions about applications or practitioner status will always be answered in a confidential communication.

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1From a credentialing agent for an anesthesia practice group: “Mr. John Doe claims that he is not certified by NCCAA because he was ‘grandfathered in.’ Can you help with this?”Credentialing Agent
2From a credentialing agent: “Would you please tell me if you have received Ms. Jane Doe’s CME documents?”Credentialing Agent
3From a non-AA individual: “I am a licensed anesthesiologist in {country other than United States}, where I was in private practice for several years. I had three years of residency training in anesthesia and one year as chief resident. Is it possible for Non-AA Practitioner
4From an AA practitioner: “A recent letter arrived by US mail, certified/return receipt. It was inconvenient for me to go to the Post Office so it was returned to NCCAA. Was it important?”CAA
5From an AA practitioner: “I sent in my CME documents in May and then was chosen for the CME audit in June. Why couldn’t NCCAA use the earlier CME submission for my audit?”CAA
6From an AA practitioner: “I sent my change of address to the AAAA four times and yet NCCAA mail is still coming to my old address. Why can’t you people get this straight?”CAA
7From an AA practitioner: “I wish NCCAA would notify me when my CMEs are due.”CAA
8From an AA practitioner: “Will you please send my examination scores to my state board of medicine [or to my practice group]?”CAA
9From the Business Office: “What causes delays in processing exam applications and CME registration?”Business Office
10From the Business Office: “What is the single most troublesome aspect of communicating with AA practitioners?”Business Office