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From an AA practitioner: “Will you please send my examination scores to my state board of medicine [or to my practice group]?”

NCCAA does not release exam scores to anyone but the AA practitioner. NCCAA will, upon request, send a letter verifying your certification status to a practice group, state board of medicine, or other credentialing agency. This letter includes your initial exam year and the date through which you are certified.

Please remind your practice group that verification of your certification is available instantly on NCCAA's website, www.aa-nccaa.org, where they can print out an official copy of the verification of certification for their records. Please use NCCAA's on-line verification of certification to expedite your credentialing.

Requests for verification of certification will be sent by US mail when NCCAA receives the request in writing from the practitioner or via the website. Such requests must include the recipient’s complete mailing address.


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